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Buy Best Pocket Spring Mattress Online in Melbourne

Jul 20, 2020 blog-details

If you are looking to buy the best pocket spring mattress in Melbourne, then you are in the right place.

Imperial Furniture provides the best pocket spring mattresses that are luxurious and very comfortable.

Pocket spring mattresses are made up of thousands of springs that are individually tempered and springs are positioned inside individual pockets. Due to this placement of springs, each spring can move independently and gives more support to the body and less movement while sleeping.

Why should you buy a pocket spring mattress?
Restricted Movement: A pocket spring mattress is a better mattress due to many reasons. Due to its pocket spring construction, the spring moves independently and because of which the movement of the body is restricted and it gives great support to the body when sleeping. It supports our body weight by a large degree.

Firmness is consistent: A pocket spring mattress has consistent tension and firmness due to it’s individual pockets. This feature adds greater comfort while sleeping.

Its gives relief to pressure: A mattress that is too soft or too hard makes the sleep very uncomfortable and one can wake up many times during the night. But with a pocket spring mattress, each pocket spring supports the individual parts of the body and there is no undue pressure on individual areas of the body.  

Greater Comfort: A pocket spring mattress is filled with a high-end layer of foam that makes it very soft and cozy while sleeping.

Supports all body sizes: A pocket spring mattress has so much strength and is very durable that it can support almost all body sizes. It makes sure that you have the required comfort while sleeping.

It’s Durable: This is the best mattress one can get that is luxurious and highly durable. This is simply the best mattress one can buy. 

Let’s connect if you want to buy a pocket spring mattress in Melbourne.

How many pocket springs should one get?
The more pocket springs will give you more comfort and it will adjust beautifully with the contour of your body.

Buy pocket spring mattress in Melbourne only from Imperial Furniture
We have a wide range of pocket spring mattresses. You will surely have a pleasant and deep sleep with our mattresses. Our mattresses are made up of excellent quality material.

This pocket spring mattress is very beautifully knitted and stuffed with a very high-quality foam to give a very comfortable sleep. 


  • Knitting fabric
  • 5 cm 25 density foam
  • Pocket spring (4 sides harder)
  • Thickness of the mattress: 22 cm
  • Firmness : Soft to Medium
  • Available sizes: Single, King Single, Double, Queen and King
  • Packaging style: Rolled up in a box

Latex Comfort Mattress 3-Zone Pocket Spring

This is a perfect pocket spring mattress for a perfect sleep. It has knitted fabric, latex and HD foam. It will make you go to dreamland in a few minutes. It has 3-zone pocket springs which give extra support to the whole body.


  • Knitted fabric
  • 3 cm High-density foam
  • 2 cm latex
  •  Pocket spring (3 zones)
  • 3 Zoning System
  • Thickness: 30 cm
  • Firmness : Soft to Medium
  • Available : Double size only

Elite Comfort Mattress

This pocket spring mattress is very soothing and extra pleasant to the body. It is made from the Aloe fabric and convoluted foam. It has 7-zone pocket springs.


  • Aloe Vera fabric
  •  Eurotop
  • Thickness of the mattress: 34 cm
  • Firmness : Medium
  • 3 cm foam
  • 3.5 cm convoluted foam
  • 3 cm hard foam
  • 300 g PK felt on both sides
  •  7 zone pocket spring with firm border
  • Damask fabric with 1 cm foam
  • Roll up package in a box

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