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Buy Cheap Rate Mattress Online – Melbourne | Australia

Imperial Furniture is a Melbourne-based home furniture dealer which offers best mattress online in Melbourne and all over Australia at a cheap rate. An expert in bedroom, kitchen, and living room furniture, we have a wide collection of mattresses of high quality. Crafted using the finest materials, we guarantee durability and quality for all our products. Our artisans are well-versed in the trade and are abreast with contemporary preferences. This ensures that all our products are well aligned with the needs of a modern home.

Our bedroom furniture section is the most sought-after one and within it, we offer some of the best mattresses in town. We have a range of mattresses including single mattress, double mattress, king-size mattress, queen mattress, folding mattress, pocket spring mattress, pillow top mattress. We comply with international health and orthopaedic standards when it comes to manufacturing our mattresses, so they are suitable for all age groups and cater to several health conditions. Quality does not have to be overly expensive and, keeping that in mind, all our mattresses are affordable

Why Choose Only the Best Mattress for Your bed?

The importance of a mattress is quite often overlooked. Several people view it as just an accessory to sleep on. But it is more important than that – a person spends an average of 6-8 hours sleeping and that is the time when all the various systems in the body relax and biological functions slow down its pace. This time should offer the maximum comfort to the body, so a good quality mattress is an absolute necessity. Besides this, sleeping on a rough, out-of-shape, or uncomfortable mattress will result in several aches and pains to the body. There is an array of mattresses available in the market such as king-size mattress, queen-size mattress, folding mattress, pocket spring mattress, pillow top mattress, etc. Pocket spring mattresses are a latest trend and here are some of their benefits:

1. Good Sleep – The body weight is spread across the surface wherein each pocket spring reacts differently and offers support to the body. This helps in achieving a good night’s sleep.
2. Firm – As there are individually enclosed pocket springs, the tension is consistent across the bed. This brings about firmness to the bed, which means it will not sink, and adds to the comfort.
3. Pain and Pressure Relief – Sleeping on a mattress that is too soft or too hard can make the process of sleeping uncomfortable, which thereby makes waking up painful as well. However, with a pocket spring mattress, each individual spring supports your entire body, without adding pressure to any particular areas.
4. Comfort – A high-end mattress, pocket spring mattresses are covered with a luxurious upper-layer of foam that makes it soft to touch and even more comfortable to sleep on.
5. Support – The spring system can support people of varying sizes and weights, thus making it comfortable even if people with two different body types are sleeping on the same mattress.

We have a large collection of mattresses at pocket-friendly rates, and Imperial Furniture is the best place to buy cheap mattresses online in Australia. Contact us today for more information!